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Laboratory for rescard and services in agricultural applications

Biopract disposes of the need for necessary state-of-the-art analytical equipment and the respective expertise to analyze all relevant feed enzymes, i.e. Cellulases, Xylanases, Glucanases, Phytases, Proteases as well as Amylases in complex matrices, such as compound feed and premixes.

Dipl. Ing. Cornelia Heine

Enzyme Analysis
Dipl. Ing. Cornelia Heine
Fon +49 30 6392-6105

Dr. rer. nat Stefan Kühnel

Substrate Analysis
Dr. Stefan Kühnel
Fon +49 30 6392-6207

In vitro Systems for active substances screening

On the basis of specific in vitro systems simulating the fermentation processes in the stomach system of ruminant animals we analyze the gas formation, the degradation of substrates as well as the accumulation of metabolites, which can be further complemented by specific kinetic studies.

This set-up coupled with the respective expertise enables Biopract to perform extensive primary screening programs for the identification of potential feed additives.

Dr. rer. nat. Angelika Hanreich

Team Leader

Dr. rer. nat. Angelika Hanreich
Fon +49 30 6392-6120