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Development of enzyme preparations

The development of enzyme preparations secreted by the fungus Trichoderma reesei has enabled Biopract to initially provide effective solutions for the treatment of waste water purification plant effluents and subsequently to develop specific products for the optimization of the biogas production process. MethaPlus® and Axiase® products marketed today by DSM represent the result of these efforts

With specialized scientific partners and market leaders Biopract continues to develop next generation products as well as novel enzyme based concepts to further increase the efficiency of the biogas process.

Thanks to its special competence in the field of enzyme analysis Biopract performs efficacy testing of enzyme preparations and is able to offer Quality Control as an ISO 9001 certified lab.

A large series of field tests under routine production conditions comprising Input/Output analysis over several retention times confirm the efficacy and the economical value of Biopract developed or supported products.

We take pleasure in inviting you to discuss and develop new ideas and strategies with us, so we can jointly achieve progress in this important area.