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Biopract improving processes for bioenergy

The improvement of the entire biogas process technology, in particular the optimization of the fermenter biology has become a center piece of our work. Today, the parameters for process efficiency – most evident in terms of long residence times and low dry matter concentrations in the fermenter – indicate that biotechnological process improvement offers significant potential. In this regard, the state of the technology implemented in practice is far from being optimized. Process control and automation, which are standard in other large scale industrial fermentation processes are clear areas for potential improvement. In this field we see a major challenge for our labs, scientists and technical staff.

At Biopract, we are convinced that a sustainable and future oriented use of regenerative energy sources calls for an intelligent combination of a variety of optimized single step processes.

It appears to be mandatory to connect the current utilized processes for biogas, bio-ethanol, photovoltaic and wind power as well as other potential sources of regenerative energy to exploit synergies and to overcome individual weaknesses. Only in this way will it be possible to replace conventional electrical power production with sustainable and efficient provision of energy.

We take pleasure in inviting you to discuss and develop new ideas and strategies with us, so we can jointly achieve progress in this important area.